124 NICU Days: A Preemie Tale of Love, Loss, and Healing Ryan Rhodes



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124 NICU Days: A Preemie Tale of Love, Loss, and Healing  by  Ryan Rhodes

124 NICU Days: A Preemie Tale of Love, Loss, and Healing by Ryan Rhodes
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From my book review blog at:http://kickinbooks.wordpress.com/2013...For those of y’all who follow my blog regularly, I don’t always post reviews of books I received from authors or publishers. While I don’t offer to review anything that I wouldn’t want to purchase or read in the first place, it’s not my sole source of reading material. Occasionally I do get to work through a book that is of interest to me, something I purchased from Amazon the old-fashioned way.Such is this wonderful memoir, written loosely in journal format. Ryan Rhodes and his wife (does he ever give her name? I only remember her being referred to as “my wife”) have a long struggle in front of them when their twins are taken by C-section at only 23 weeks gestation.

Thus begins a long journey in NICU (Neonatal Intensive Care Unit), which sees the death of their infant son Finn at only three days old as well as the challenges facing Finn’s surviving womb-mate, Zoey.Rhodes, who happens to be a freelance writer, handles the story in a very loose, informal, relaxed manner. As I noted, it’s in journal format, so there are times it’s very detailed and other times it’s more sleep deprivation-induced stream of consciousness.

But through it all, Rhodes remains honest about himself, his wife, what’s going on with Zoey, and even their struggles to keep life with their toddler Aiden as normal as possible.Zoey’s 124 days in NICU are, as expected, up and down. Each day is spent wondering what else could possibly go wrong, while celebrating the most minute advances. Rhodes does an outstanding job of giving the details as they occur, when he remembers or is able to write, while putting a humorous spin on much of his observations.

At the core, though, is a very honest and heartfelt look at life in NICU from a father’s perspective, which is unfortunately all too uncommon.As the father of a son (now twenty) who spent a couple weeks in NICU, so much of this book was very familiar. The emotions, the struggles, the setbacks, the celebrations, it all touched an emotional nerve. And because of that, I know it’s true and from the heart. Kudos, Mr. Rhodes.Rating: 5 stars (out of 5)

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